Waxing ServicesAre you wondering whether you should call for professional waxing services or shave your body hair as always? Here we will share with you what are the benefits of waxing and why you should ditch the razor for good!

Shaving is one of the fastest and most popular ways to deal with unwanted hair on your body. And even if it is convenient, as going under the shower and coming out hairless 30 minutes later, it is not the best thing you can do for your skin. Keep reading to find out what are the downsides of shaving and why you should try waxing instead!


Less hair for longer

One of the first and most obvious reasons why you should switch to regular waxing services is the lasting effect they give. With waxing, your hairs will take 3 to 4 weeks to grow out again, whether with shaving, you will have your hair back in 3 days.


Less hair in general

Another reason why waxing is better is because, with time, your hair will grow thinner and finer. As the removal here is from the root of each hair, with time you will start to notice that you have less and less hair too. You will be able to go back and repair the damage, done by the razor with each waxing procedure. As most people know, shaving multiplies the hairs that grow on your skin, which is never a pleasant view.


No more cuts

You are in a hurry and cut yourself with the razor? It hurts, there is blood running down you leg and now you have to put a band-aid which looks silly combined with your sandals? Cuts are not only painful and unpleasant, but are also an easy way to get an infection into your body. When a professional aesthetician is waxing your hair, you won’t get any cuts or burns and you will be fully protected from infections.


Smoother skin

Shaving can dry out your skin and make it rougher to touch. In gentler areas, in can even be painful or leave a rash that itches. With waxing, these symptoms will vanish! After two or three procedures, you will even start to feel less pain from the pulling and will have beautiful, soft skin for weeks after that.

If you are looking for professional waxing services in Garland, TX, be sure to check Wax On Wax Off. With our services, your skin will be smoother and softer than ever before!